Monday, 23 December 2013

Stress Management - How Pilates and Exercise can help. Useful tips and info to get you started.

Stress Management and how Exercise and Pilates can help - Article for Magazine health and well being section.

Many of us have stress in our lives whether it is with relationships, difficult work experiences or just the  pace of life in general using London as a example. We are so used to trying to juggle work, relationships, children etc etc and be fit and healthy as well.

I have seen many clients wanting to lose weight and they are making a huge effort with exercise but not seeing any results. Often those people are the ones with very stressful lifestyles and the stress hormones flying around our bodies, there is no wonder it can be a challenge for some to get to their desired body weight if this is their aim. Also, the comfort eating that can possibly go with the stress we experience or the tiredness and lack of sleep are all contributors to us having a not so healthy life and feeling of well being.  Some people go the other way when they have trauma in their life and can't eat and lose weight, all of which is obviously not helping us having well being and balance.  So this is why it is obviously a good idea to look at ways of being able to manage stress, keeping our body in balance and having tools to use when life feels like it is getting really tough!

The first challenge is getting started if you haven't already. January time is the perfect time to start with all the other new years resolutions but to make sure they stick, it takes 21 days to form a habit. I highly recommend to start with just setting 20mins a day without fail for 21 days of the type of exercise  you really enjoy most. Whether this is Pilates combined with flowing movement or going for a power walk/run or swimming. As long as you commit that time for 21 days is the most important thing. If you want to do longer that's really great but 20minutes is the minimum. The reason for this is that we often feel overwhelmed with the thought of not having enough time, or not feeling motivated or if we are feeling really down, its hard to get started.  So we need to make the goals manageable and realistic. Once you have formed your habit doing the exercise for 21 days you are more likely to continue this and set out a routine.

Doing 20 minutes of exercise daily or 3xs a week is all you need to see results in your body and how you feel. When we exercise we release feel good hormones (endorphins) which help us with our energy, happiness and also help relax us.  The opposite to what stress hormone(cortisol) does! When we feel good in ourselves and with energy and calmness is it so much easier to deal with life situations and gives us a focus for ourselves.

Setting time for yourself to exercise also will help with your confidence. We are valuing ourselves, giving ourselves this time and seeing aesthetically pleasing differences in our appearance. This will motivate you to continue.  I recommend taking measurements for yourself monthly to see what results you are achieving, as the scales do not always show the amount of inches you are losing! Also, I get my clients to fill out a wellness wheel and set monthly goals to help them make small changes, that for them, will help them feel happier, healthier and get results you want.

Muscle weighs more than fat after all. Doing Pilates especially will help with inch loss and all my clients who stick to a daily programme for the first 5 weeks, all see inches drop off! As well as feeling calm and able to cope with situations better. Some will see their body totally transform.  Walking taller, feeling slimmer, stronger, being more relaxed from the deep breathing, just to mention a few benefits!

When we have stress in our bodies and minds, we hold on to tension in our muscles and don't realise how tight everything is until its released! Hence, why some peoples shoulders feel up to their ears, they have back ache etc etc. So Pilates will definitely help counteract this and help you stretch out and release all that stored up tension that stress can create. Everything is energy, including stress so you have to shift that energy and move to release it and let go. I have a ten minute u tube clip for you to help you stretch out daily on my charity and media page on my website. We also have a ten minute abdominal blitz for strength and tone.
I highly recommend coming to a class if you have not done Pilates before so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. for further details of classes running in Balham, Northcote road and Abbeville road - Clapham.

As well as Pilates, doing weights, power walking, running all help increase our heart rate and keep us fit  and burning unwanted calories as well. The more muscle we have in our body the more efficiently we burn fat due to our metabolism being more efficient and working at a staying at a higher rate throughout the day due to the exercise we have done. As well as this, you will have more energy for your day or if you are exercising at the end of the day you will feel more relaxed and able to sleep better. Everyone is different so the time of day you exercise needs to fit in with what works best with your schedule and what feels best for you? The important factor is you do it! The value of being able to sleep better if you are experiencing stress in your life, would be quite high I am guessing! If you need help with a fitness routine to do for yourself, please do contact me as I have a team of personal trainers and pilates teachers combined, who can help you with your individual goals as well as help motivate you. We also have many classes you can attend which are pilates and fitness combined as well as other styles depending on your needs.

If you have a day where everything has been too much, even just focusing on breathing deeply in through your nose, expanding your ribcage and breathing down to your abdomen. Breathing out through your mouth and just focusing on your breath will be a great stress release if nothing else. Many clients often feel amazing after a class simply from the breathing and focus on their body and breath.  So if all else fails, just do this for your stress management for ten or twenty minutes to feel calmer more centred and grounded. Combine this with the stretches, concentration, relaxation co ordination and alignment strength and stamina Pilates can offer you, I think its definitely a good new years resolution to take up and keep :) Further information is on my website.  I hope this article has been helpful and has given you some useful tips and support to help you manage stress. Happy Christmas and Happy new year! Rosa x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

January courses 2014. 10% discount if you book and pay before 20th December.

HI Everyone, 

I hope you are all really well and looking forward to Christmas and having a break :) I am on maternity leave from all physical work now but will obviously still be running all the classes and if anyone wants any 1:1 sessions or home sessions I have a group of Pilates teachers and personal trainers who are really great and working for me if you need help and motivation from January to get into shape and get rid of any unwanted pounds gained over Christmas. Simply email me to book a session/block of sessions through pilatespluswellness and I can allocate a teacher most suited to your needs.  It would be really helpful if I can sort out all the January bookings asap before baby comes as I have more time at the moment, plus the classes are quite full so early booking is highly recommended to secure your place.  10% discount for all bookings paid early and confirmed before 20th December. I will be back to do the daytime classes from April but I am sure you will love the classes with the other teachers. Susanna is covering many of my classes and maija is doing the Thursday 1035am Cardio Pilates for me.  Chidem is doing the Wednesday evening classes ongoing for me also and Holly Fridays class. 

Pilates is fantastic for inch loss as well as many other things and really compliments a fitness routine whether you need to work on flexibility, mobility, strength or you simply want to look fantastic and tone up your body. As well as reducing any pains especially low back pain. All the Pilates teachers working for me are Body control Pilates teachers and personal trainers who are also trained in ante natal and post natal training as well as other specialist areas. 

JANUARY PILATES COURSES RUN w/c 6TH JANUARY - w/c 10th FEBRUARY 2014 - 6 WEEK COURSES. (half term for daytime classes 17th February - 21st February) No daytime classes over half term. Evenings and Saturday classes run ongoing throughout the year) 

NB If you need to swap sessions this can be done within a course provided 24 hours notice is given and also this is subject to space available in the other classes.  If there is not the space available it will not be possible to swap sessions.  This is due to when we are busy it is not fair on you all if you have a over crowded class due to too many people wanting to swap and change. So flexibility can be offered where possible but within limits! We have no more than 12 clients per class booked on a course. 

To book a course simply email me to confirm your place and secure your place with payment via transfer (details sent on booking) Prices of the courses listed below and also class details: All venue information is on the class timetable on the website. Please make sure you bring a mat to class for all venues except the Fybre studio venue. Unfortunately refunds can not be offered but flexibility amongst classes will hopefully help if you have a busy schedule.  If you want to do drop in sessions please email me on the day or the day before to check for space. Drop in sessions cost £15/hr normal classes and £17/hr for specialist pregnancy or mum and baby classes. Please note we need 7 clients in a class for it to run.

Monday Pilates classes: Balham library Hall
0930am Intermediate/Advanced Pilates with Susanna - £72 usual price - £12/hr. Early payment price £64.80
1030am Beginner/Improver Pilates with Susanna - £72 usual price - £12/hr - Early payment price £64.80
1130am Mum and baby Pilates and toning with Susanna - Usual price £90 - £15/hr. 10% discount early payment - £81

Tuesday Pilates classes: Balham library Hall - £72 for 6 weeks or £64.80 Early payment price - £10.80/hr
6pm class?  would anyone be interested in having a Mixed ability/beginner or pregnancy Pilates class at this time? Let me know if so and if there are more than 6 of you I can get this class running. 
7pm Beginner/improver Pilates with Susanna 
8pm Mixed Ability Pilates with Susanna

Wednesday Pilates classes: 
Daytime classes 25 Northcote road (fybre studio hired) 
0930am Mum and baby Pilates and Toning with Susanna - £90 usual price - £81 Early payment price - £13.50/hr. 
1030am Mixed Ability Pilates with Susanna NEW CLASS   - £72 usual price - £64.80 Early payment price. 

Evening Wednesday classes 60 Hambolt road (just off Abbevile road) 
7pm Pregnancy Pilates with Chidem - £90 usual price - Early payment price - £81 - £13.50/hr. 
8pm Mixed Ability Pilates with Chidem - £72 usual price - Early payment price - £64.80 - £10.80/hr

Thursday Daytime classes 25 Northcote road(fybre studio) 
1035am Cardio Pilates with Maija - £72 usual price - Early payment - £64.80 - £10.80/hr. 

Friday Daytime class 25 Northcote road(fybre studio) 
130pm Classical mat Pilates Intermediate/Advanced class with Holly - £72 usual price - Early payment - £64.80 - £10.80/hr.

Saturday Daytime class - Broomwood Methodist Church hall- Parlour room. (just on corner of Broomwood road and Kyrle road) 
10am Pregnancy Pilates class (teacher to be confirmed) £90 usual price - Early payment price - £81. 

Would any of you be interested in a 9am pregnancy yoga class, 10am post pregnancy yoga and 11am pregnancy Pilates if I can get the hall hire at Broomwood for that long and book the teacher? The yoga teachers style will be 50 % exercise and 50% focusing on breath, relaxation etc to prepare you for birth and getting through birth.  The post pregnancy yoga will be the exercise but also meditation relaxation etc which might be just what you need post baby :) Let me know your thoughts. I would need a lot of interest to run the yoga courses as the teacher has 12 years experience and a great reputation so would need to cover the costs! I would then be teaching the 11am pregnancy Pilates class if we do the yoga classes in advance.  Otherwise we will stick to just the 10am pregnancy Pilates and 9am post pregnancy Pilates if you prefer this option? 

A Pilates course would make a lovely gift for someone for the start to the new year! Also 1:1 session of Pilates and personal training combined. I have both male and female trainers to suit all your needs and covering many specialities. Courses for 1:1 sessions are booked in blocks of 5 or 10. £60/hr if you book a course of 5 - £300. if you book a course of 10 sessions the cost is £55/hr - £550. Payment is made upfront in advance and you can mix the sessions up according to your schedule. Email me to book a course of personal training or Pilates. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support over the last year and help spreading the word about the classes. It is much appreciated. If you introduce a friend to the classes and they book a course you will automatically get 10% discount and they get 10% discount as a introduction too. Have a really great Christmas and New Year! x

Monday, 14 October 2013

How to stay motivated with Exercise and your goals. Coaching tips

Many of us start exercise and find ourselves slowly declining and finding reasons not to do it or work gets in the way or life gets too busy for us.  I here from many clients each week that they didn't practise their routine or do their run on their own because of the above.

So if you want to stay really motivated and determined you need to have a really big goal and aim that's bigger than just losing a few inches or doing exercise because you have to but secretly you haven't quite got into it.

  • Write down at least 5 reasons why you are doing the exercise you are doing? 
  •   As well as  achieving a nice toned and defined body, what else are you achieving from exercise?
  • How does it feel to value you and make time for you? 
  • What is the cost to your health and well being by not exercising?
  • How Confident do you feel seeing your body change and getting results?
  • Set yourself a small goal as well as a big goal and also a time frame for this.
  • Schedule in to your diary when you will exercise and stick to it! 
It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Use my utube videos for 10mins a day to do the daily routine so that you have formed the habit of Pilates.  Everyone has ten minutes a day to spare in their schedule!  Below is the link to my utube clips.  Choose the one that is most suited to your needs.  Or alternate the abs routine with stretching routine. You see a result with consistency! I will be making some more u tube clips for you all to help motivate you and keep you on track. The Pilates classes attended, think of what you want to achieve each term and let the teacher know and she can you this as a focus one week for each of you to give you exercises to help achieve this. We can then post on this blog to see how we are all doing. We are often driven more by pain so this may be if I don't do the exercises I get back pain or if I don't do the exercises I will not feel as toned and strong in my body. If you are driven by pleasure more then just think of the "ME"time you are giving yourself, time to De stress, time to stretch out after being hunched over a computer all day maybe?

We often think we need to set at least 30mins or an hour aside to exercise and it can be this that stops us from doing it! Ten minutes a day is achievable.

If the above doesn't help you get motivated and you need a little more, then as well as coming to my Pilates classes, Come to Turkey 2014 May24-31st and join in with our Pilates retreats in the sun. Relaxation, pampering but also 4 hours a day of blitz it Pilates and Exercises. 20% discount if you book and pay by 30th November 2013. JOIN US FOR HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN!

I run 14 classes a week and have different teachers working for me.  So lots of variety for you for Pilates and also pilates combined with fitness classes. Join today. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

women"s wellness weekends in Brighton. Put the wow back into Wellness. Join us in October 2012

Women’s Wellness Weekends – put the WOW back into Wellness

We have designed our women’s wellness weekends as many of us are very busy looking after our families, work, hectic schedules that we don't take time out for ourselves to look at what inspires us, what we need, what we can achieve.

This weekend is a weekend for you, to be inspired in what you can achieve in your body and mind.  Learn a fast track Pilate’s routine that will transform your body with just 30 minutes dedication every other day. You will see inch loss, strength and be totally inspired and motivated with what you learn. Optional fitness sessions by the beach to energise your body.....

These weekends are a safe, happy, welcoming environment for pampering, inspiration and transformation in body and mind. "ME Time". They are fun and energising at the same time as gaining clarity, sense of purpose, inspiration and motivation.

We use a mixture of group coaching, power pilates, mindful meditation, superb communication skills, fitness runs and so much more. We also explore our own nature and talents through the psychology of numerology.

JOIN US. 13/14th October and/or  24/25th November 2012


Arrive Friday to relax or Saturday morning to arrive by 9.45.  


10am start – understanding you.

Welcome talk
Description of the day and weekend. 

10.30 Power Pilates to start the day 1 hour.  

11.30 Guided meditation (for calming, grounding and energising)

12.00 Optional fitness run or (can book a session Deborah for this time or have a treatment at the hotel or just chill and relax.)

1pm lunch.

2.30 Group coaching. What do you want? How do you see your future? What would be amazing if...? Goal setting.

3.30 Designing a vision board – creative fun and play

4.30 ½ hour meditation to clarify your vision into your unconscious mind.

5pm– relax and enjoy the hotel, perhaps book some treatments or have a session with Rosa or Deborah. Optional run along the beach.

Day Two: Understanding others


10.00 Power Pilates

11.00 Group discussion on understanding the 4 major personality types and how to get the best out of them – finding out what your personality type is.

12.00 The psychology of numerology – work out your own numerology and discover; what are your traits, strengths and weaknesses.

1pm lunch

2.30 - guided meditation for focussing on your future

3.00  - Power Pilates – 1 hour

4.00 Group coaching – where do you go from here?

5.00 end. 

 Rosa Whitehead

Rosa founded Pilatespluswellness Ltd as a natural extension of her passion for health and her desire to help her clients feel the best they can in their body and mind. Rosa decided to combine Pilates, Personal Training and Life coaching, utilising a holistic approach, which has proven to get sustainable and achievable results for clients. Whatever your needs, whether they are increasing fitness levels, decreasing stress, inch loss or recovering from an injury, Rosa will provide you with the approach that best suits your needs and will also incorporate various coaching techniques to help with your focus, motivation and inspiration.Rosa gave up her full-time profession as a Radiographer to follow her passion for health and fitness and become a personal trainer in 2005 which led on to Pilates and Life Coaching. Rosa’s experience as a radiographer over the last 14 years has given her invaluable knowledge in anatomy and physiology, which she has put to good use in the injury rehabilitation and safe workouts she provides.  

Dr. Deborah Kerslake PhD
My driving force from a very early age has been, to help people be as happy with themselves and as fulfilled and content as possible, all the tools I’ve learnt along my journey help me achieve this goal.
Coming from a complimentary Therapies background, I became fascinated in the way the mind works and how that affects behaviour, health and success, so I did post graduate training in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and continued my education by training in coaching mastery and becoming a professional life coach. With over 20 years experience in the field of human psychology and development, I also use NLP and CBT within my practice for an all round approach to helping people succeed. I specialise in helping people grow their personal leadership and communication skills to be happier, more confident, effective and successful in whatever is important to them.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

How to get a bikini ready bum! Article from Vitality live. Exercises for you.

Hi Everyone, check out the link below and here are some exercises I offered for the article for vitality show live. Who's coming to the show?  Demonstrations are thursday 130pm thursday and saturday next week. Pilates you can do in the home.

I hope to see you there. x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pilates Retreats in Turkey 9th -16th june 20% discount for first ten clients booked.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all really well. I am very excited to go to Turkey again and run another retreat.  Our day will consist of Early morning Pilates 8-10-am followed by home made brunch.  Locally produced fruits, nuts, home made yogurt, jams, marmalade's and speciality breads.  omelette's, and Turkish speciality cooked breakfasts of our choice.  We then have the day to day in the sun relax by the lake that goes into the Mediterranean sea, go on a boat trip to the mud baths, Turkish baths, a hike to the mountains, trip to the non touristy beaches, or simply read a book and relax by the pool.  In the evenings we have our 5-7pm Pilates and relaxation session which is more for stretching and mobility and body awareness.  Our focus will be calming our mind, concentration and getting the well being feeling you get with the relaxation to follow.  It is really calming and uplifting doing the Pilates outdoors overlooking the mountains of koycegiz.  You feel worlds away from your daily life and totally energised and relaxed at the same time.

Our evenings are at our leisure.  Gul will cook a meal for us all which is healthy, home cooked food that you will love!!  If you want to eat out there are many restaurants on the water front. We will also go one early evening to a restaurant that is surrounded by waterfalls and is really lovely.  We can relax, in the cushions and just take it easy, or there is a few walks around.

June is the perfect time to come along on our retreats. If this date doesn't suit you come along in October 6th -13th. The weather is lovely and you will get a service that is 5 star!  Everyone feels like they are at home at Guls hotel and she is so welcoming you will want to come back year after year.  The Hotel rooms are large with a separate lounge and bedroom for you as well as your en suite bathroom. Amazing value, great service and you will see inch loss from the 4 hours of pilates you do daily. 

Feel stronger, more toned, more energised and do so in great surroundings with people to motivate, encourage and inspire you. 20% discount for the first 10 clients to book our retreats for this year. No single supplement for the first 5 clients to book!!

We will also provide coaching and personal training/pilates 1:1if  you would like to do any extra optional sessions at discount rates £50/hr.

£999 for 4 hours of pilates daily
organic brunch daily
one evening meal at the hotel
trip to the mud baths or Turkish baths for pampering.

Contact me for your booking form and discount.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day in the life of a Pilates teacher and how to keep fit.

Exercise Diary
Woke up 445am cycled to the city for session. Did some pilates with my client
Met friend for coffee 730am
Cycled to Battersea for class teaching a class at Stars gym 10am
Cycle home to wandsworth - time for admin and marketing.
Cycle to client 115pm in battersea. Boxing and weights for client plus pilates
Dash to another client 240pm
Cycle home to wandsworth
Back out to Northcote road area for client. pilates
Cycle to clapham common for 2 pilates classes. beginner/intermediate/advanced - lots of demonstrations
7-8pm, 8-9pm
cycle home and home at 940pm
Finish. Tired! great for fitness but could do with a studio I think.

Tips for exercise and how to beat the bulge. Get cycling! It all adds up and the fat burning will happen. I am also trying out the Zaggora hot pants at the moment.  Not sexy or attractive and feels like you are wearing a wet suit, but if it works, its worth it.  I will keep you posted.

Classes in Clapham common and Balham are running this week. Last week before our christmas break. January pilates classes in Clapham balham and battersea start w/c 9th jan.

Happy Christmas Everyone. xx