Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Pilates classes!

New Morning Pilates Classes Tuesday and Friday mornings 7am.  Clapham North Arts Center Unit 7b.

Tuesday Pilates 7am - Stretch and Mobility Pilates focusing on mobilising tight areas.  This class is beneficial if you suffer from back pain or have any injuries which need gentle mobility and to assist in your recovery.  We will also do exercises to build on core strength but the focus is on flowing movement stretching helping to energise, de-stress and stretch your body( beginners Welcome) Book Now

Friday morning classes 7am. Toning Pilates - This class is designed to help you tone and define your body.  we use weights, swiss balls, toning rings, and challenging exercises from the classical mat series to really get your body in shape.  This class is not suitable for absolute beginners.  If you have done one of my pilates courses before or a few 1:1 sesssions you will be fine.  Inch loss, tone definition and looking and feeling great is the goal in this class. Book Now

Friday 10am Pilates for Mums class.

This class is designed to help get back in shape post baby and also working on the pelvic floor area, tummy legs and bottom to really shape your body and feel really confident in yourself.  It is also a great social way of meeting mums in the area and making new friends and taking time out for you.  Book Now

Friday, 9 April 2010

PilatesPlusWellness- Welcome to my blog where you will find FREE Health and Coaching Tips: May/sept/oct 2010 Pilates Retreats Discounts!

PilatesPlusWellness- Welcome to my blog where you will find FREE Health and Coaching Tips: May/sept/oct 2010 Pilates Retreats Discounts! May/sept/oct 2010 Pilates Retreats Discounts!

Pilates Retreats in Turkey


Come on our holiday and feel more toned in your body. Feel more relaxed yet

Energized and be inspired by what you learn.


A week of tranquility and relaxation to re-energise your body and mind. Allow the daily stresses and strains to melt away on this pampering retreat, while enhancing your Pilates techniques in an inspirational setting.


A great holiday whether you are new to Pilates or have previous experience, combining the wellbeing and fitness achieved through Pilates with the natural peace and tranquility of Köyceğiz.


Book Now!

Please visit or Contact Rosa, for dates and availability in May/September/October. Discount Offers! 50% off! Find out more!


About Köyceğiz




We have found an oasis of calm in Köyceğiz, a small lakeside town with stunning views of the mountains, set among orange orchards and olive groves. The family-run Rose Hotel, which has hosted retreats for many years, is within walking distance of cafés, restaurants and shops, and is only 25mins from Dalaman International Airport. The region is steeped in history, including the ancient city of Kaunos, with its rock tombs and amphitheatre. The thermal spa at Sultaniye, with healing waters and mud baths, is perfect for natural pampering. Köyceğiz Lake is linked to the Mediterranean Sea by a natural channel, so beautiful beaches are only a boat ride away. The large fresh water lake is a haven for wildlife and turtles are sometimes seen while sipping an evening glass of wine in the cafes and restaurants that line the water's edge.


Typical Day


8.30am        Pilates on the roof terrace in a class of no more than 12.

9.30am        Relaxation and guided meditation for 30mins.


10.30am    Organic, locally produced brunch by the pool




After brunch, you are free to explore the area, enjoy windsurfing or swimming at the lake, or simply relax. Optional 1:1 or 2:1 Pilates sessions are also available in the afternoon at extra cost, as well as personal training and health and confidence coaching. These sessions and several other optional activities (available at affordable local prices) can also be booked on arrival. It's your holiday and we are here to meet your needs,


What is Included:


Pilates and meditation every morning, overlooking the mountains of Köyceğiz.

Accommodation in a home-from-home, family-run hotel with 16 rooms.

Organic brunch including freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

A FREE trip to the Turkish baths, including a massage.

Airport transfers are included if the majority of the group is booked on the same flight, otherwise taxis are readily available at the airport (around £25 for travel to the hotel).

Optional Activities


Visit to Köyceğiz market (Monday morning).


Swim and relax in a tranquil waterfall only 20mins from the hotel.



Evening trip to Sultaniye to relax in the thermal baths and mud spas overlooking the lake. Highly recommended for lifting emotions and complete physical relaxation.




Visit a local village, followed by a 2hr trek through the mountains. Late lunch at the village is provided by locals with their home-grown produce.


Turkish evening at the hotel with traditional food and entertainment (belly-dancing!) or be taken to a traditional Turkish night.


All-day boat trip returning at 7pm. Stop to relax on beautiful Turtle Beach, later passing the ancient ruins of Kaunos to then enjoy the thermal spas and mud baths of Sultaniye. Optional Pilates on the beach. Lunch is included.




Early afternoon trip to Beybasi, a local beauty spot. You can lie in the sun, walk, swim, or explore. Simply relax, sleep and drink wine in the cushioned area of the laid-back Penbe restaurant, one of the best in the area. We love it here so much - we're sure you will too!



"Rosa has such a unique, gentle and kind manner I love working with her and look forwards to the Pilates sessions she does for me.
I suffered a back injury and Rosa has really assisted my recovery and rebuilt an all round strength throughout my body. "
Glenn Carter is currently starring in the acclaimed West End Show JERSEY BOYS (Tommy DeVito)








Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fitness Goal of the week to help you think and feel your best!

Challenge : 3xs Cardio Run/Walk dependent on your fitness level for this week.  When you are doing any fitness work or cardiovascular workout it gets your body in what is called alpha state.  What this means is that mentally your subconscious mind is suseptible to posititve reinforcement.  Your subconcious does not distinguish the difference between the present and past.  Hence, what you are thinking or the mindset you have, has a massive effect on your physiology.   Your thoughts affects your feelings, affects your actions, which affect the results you get!!!  This is why it is important and vital to work with your mind as well as your body.  If you want to stay motivated and get results in your body shape, follow this tip.

Affirmations:   Affirmations are sentences that you say to yourself in your head that you want to feel, visualise, and hear. For example, I feel more attractive toned and healthy in everyway day by day.  I am a size 10 and feel and look the best I ever have in my life.

What ever resonates with you, or what ever you want to achieve, say it in your mind as if you already have it.  Remember the subconsciuos mind doesn't recognise fact from fiction or past from present! You have to feel it as you are saying it and visualise yourself as you want to be.  your affirmations have to be something that you can control.  Do this while running or cycling, or walking to the bus stop.  When exercising is best as this is when you are in Alpha state in your body.  Your subconcious mind will find a way of helping you get your goals, whether that is improving your will power or helping your physiology to work more efficiently.  Our minds are really powerful and we need to open our minds to how we can utilise this to our potential!  Try it and see and even if it makes you feel better and more motivated then that is time well spent:)

Please let me know how you get on and if you have managed to do your cardio on your own:) Rosa x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

PilatesPlusWellness- Welcome to my blog where you will find FREE Health and Coaching Tips: Sarah Heany Article for the Daily Record. Follow our training and Progress!

PilatesPlusWellness- Welcome to my blog where you will find FREE Health and Coaching Tips: Sarah Heany Article for the Daily Record. Follow our training and Progress!

Sarah Heany Article for the Daily Record. Follow our training and Progress!

Sarah is going to get to a size 10 by May.  Each week I will give you an update of her progress and what exercise and lifestyle changes she is making in order to reach her goal.  Health tips, Motivation Charts and monitoring will all be included for your information and to help you in your fitness too. Please follow my blog and get your week by week motivation and tips on what works and what doesn't and see how Sarah is doing.
updates this saturday:)