Friday, 13 July 2012

women"s wellness weekends in Brighton. Put the wow back into Wellness. Join us in October 2012

Women’s Wellness Weekends – put the WOW back into Wellness

We have designed our women’s wellness weekends as many of us are very busy looking after our families, work, hectic schedules that we don't take time out for ourselves to look at what inspires us, what we need, what we can achieve.

This weekend is a weekend for you, to be inspired in what you can achieve in your body and mind.  Learn a fast track Pilate’s routine that will transform your body with just 30 minutes dedication every other day. You will see inch loss, strength and be totally inspired and motivated with what you learn. Optional fitness sessions by the beach to energise your body.....

These weekends are a safe, happy, welcoming environment for pampering, inspiration and transformation in body and mind. "ME Time". They are fun and energising at the same time as gaining clarity, sense of purpose, inspiration and motivation.

We use a mixture of group coaching, power pilates, mindful meditation, superb communication skills, fitness runs and so much more. We also explore our own nature and talents through the psychology of numerology.

JOIN US. 13/14th October and/or  24/25th November 2012


Arrive Friday to relax or Saturday morning to arrive by 9.45.  


10am start – understanding you.

Welcome talk
Description of the day and weekend. 

10.30 Power Pilates to start the day 1 hour.  

11.30 Guided meditation (for calming, grounding and energising)

12.00 Optional fitness run or (can book a session Deborah for this time or have a treatment at the hotel or just chill and relax.)

1pm lunch.

2.30 Group coaching. What do you want? How do you see your future? What would be amazing if...? Goal setting.

3.30 Designing a vision board – creative fun and play

4.30 ½ hour meditation to clarify your vision into your unconscious mind.

5pm– relax and enjoy the hotel, perhaps book some treatments or have a session with Rosa or Deborah. Optional run along the beach.

Day Two: Understanding others


10.00 Power Pilates

11.00 Group discussion on understanding the 4 major personality types and how to get the best out of them – finding out what your personality type is.

12.00 The psychology of numerology – work out your own numerology and discover; what are your traits, strengths and weaknesses.

1pm lunch

2.30 - guided meditation for focussing on your future

3.00  - Power Pilates – 1 hour

4.00 Group coaching – where do you go from here?

5.00 end. 

 Rosa Whitehead

Rosa founded Pilatespluswellness Ltd as a natural extension of her passion for health and her desire to help her clients feel the best they can in their body and mind. Rosa decided to combine Pilates, Personal Training and Life coaching, utilising a holistic approach, which has proven to get sustainable and achievable results for clients. Whatever your needs, whether they are increasing fitness levels, decreasing stress, inch loss or recovering from an injury, Rosa will provide you with the approach that best suits your needs and will also incorporate various coaching techniques to help with your focus, motivation and inspiration.Rosa gave up her full-time profession as a Radiographer to follow her passion for health and fitness and become a personal trainer in 2005 which led on to Pilates and Life Coaching. Rosa’s experience as a radiographer over the last 14 years has given her invaluable knowledge in anatomy and physiology, which she has put to good use in the injury rehabilitation and safe workouts she provides.  

Dr. Deborah Kerslake PhD
My driving force from a very early age has been, to help people be as happy with themselves and as fulfilled and content as possible, all the tools I’ve learnt along my journey help me achieve this goal.
Coming from a complimentary Therapies background, I became fascinated in the way the mind works and how that affects behaviour, health and success, so I did post graduate training in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and continued my education by training in coaching mastery and becoming a professional life coach. With over 20 years experience in the field of human psychology and development, I also use NLP and CBT within my practice for an all round approach to helping people succeed. I specialise in helping people grow their personal leadership and communication skills to be happier, more confident, effective and successful in whatever is important to them.