Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Pilates classes!

New Morning Pilates Classes Tuesday and Friday mornings 7am.  Clapham North Arts Center Unit 7b.

Tuesday Pilates 7am - Stretch and Mobility Pilates focusing on mobilising tight areas.  This class is beneficial if you suffer from back pain or have any injuries which need gentle mobility and to assist in your recovery.  We will also do exercises to build on core strength but the focus is on flowing movement stretching helping to energise, de-stress and stretch your body( beginners Welcome) Book Now

Friday morning classes 7am. Toning Pilates - This class is designed to help you tone and define your body.  we use weights, swiss balls, toning rings, and challenging exercises from the classical mat series to really get your body in shape.  This class is not suitable for absolute beginners.  If you have done one of my pilates courses before or a few 1:1 sesssions you will be fine.  Inch loss, tone definition and looking and feeling great is the goal in this class. Book Now

Friday 10am Pilates for Mums class.

This class is designed to help get back in shape post baby and also working on the pelvic floor area, tummy legs and bottom to really shape your body and feel really confident in yourself.  It is also a great social way of meeting mums in the area and making new friends and taking time out for you.  Book Now