Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Appreciate what you have, feel good in your body and be aware of how your energy impacts others.

Hi Everyone,

It is so easy for us to get bogged down with mundane day to day gripes and life.  However, byy stopping and thinking about what there is to be grateful for and how lucky we are; instantly changes our moods and puts things in perspective.  There will always be someone, skinnier, taller, richer.... so just be happy with how you are, what you have and enjoy your journey what ever that may be. Focus on the good not the bad, it does nothing for you or others when they are around you! Think about how your energy and mood is affecting others and make sure it has a good effect on them :) thats what I will do tonight whilst teaching my pilates classes in clapham. tuesday 7pm and 8pm. dropin sessions available so feel free to come along. text me beforehand.

Have a great evening.

Rosa x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Pilates classes Northcote Road LIbrary Battersea

Hi Everyone,

from 12th january 2012 I am running Pilates classes in Battersea Northcote Road LIbrary. Thursdays 130pm and Fridays 1.30pm Mixed Ability Pilates Body Control Method. 10% discount if you book before 15th december 2011.  spread the word. http://www.pilatespluswellness.com/

Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Pilates courses starting next week before christmas. 50% discount to help you with your health and fitness!

Hi Everyone,

The new Pilates courses are starting next week Pilates in Clapham St marys and Pilates in Balham - Balham Library.

To help with your motivation pre christmas. If you do two sessions a week and book onto the second course you get 50% discount to reward you for your motvation and to help you keep on track pre christmas with your health and wellness.  To receive this offer, simply email me the 2 sessions you want to attend by looking at the class timetable on the website and follow my blog by simply clicking follow on the blog page.

The new courses start w/c january 9th.  Book for Pilates in Clapham/ Pilates in Balham or Pilates in Battersea and before 15th dec and receive our early bird discount 10% off 6 week pilates courses, Any Personal training blocks, Pilates retreats in Turkey.

Gift vouchers are available for christmas 10% discount off original prices on the website.

Rosa x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas vouchers and Next course dates starting w/c 14th November for Pilates in Clapham/Pilates in Balham! 10% discount!

Hi Everyone,

New Pilates course dates below. Please reserve your space for your pre christmas workouts! Christmas parties, over indulgence... Still feel good in your body and mind this christmas and new year and keep up your exercise regime to balance things out:) Early bird discount 10% off any courses if you book and pay before the end of this week ending 6th November! Please forward this email to any friends/colleagues who may be interested. Thanks :)









As well as myself, I have a team of Personal trainers, Pilates teachers and a Life coach that provide sessions for you at your convenience throughout South and Central London and the City.

Special promotional offers are displayed on my blog page. Simply email me to buy your voucher/s and christmas promotions are valid til 31st dec to book and claim!

Promotion of the month 5 personal training/Pilates/Life coaching sessions 1:1 or 2:1 in the clapham/balham/wandsworth/battersea area - £50/hr instead of £65! Contact me to reserve your place. £250 for the block. saving £75!

Next Pilates Course dates: Secure your space by email and payment. 5 or 4 week courses running up to christmas. class break from 17th december-7th january. January courses commence 9th jan 2012. 10% discount for early bookings.

5 week courses running up to christmas. Please bring a mat to class or towel.

Monday 14th November - 12th December 2011 Balham Library hall sw12 8qy

£60 for 5 week course.

0930am Classical Mat class - Intermediate/advanced.

10.30am Beginner/improver Pilates (body control method) You will be challenged with the basic moves and enjoy the stretch and flow that Pilates offers.
Tuesday 15th November - 13th December 2011 St Marys Church Hall,8 clapham park road, sw4 7ap

£50 for 5 week course.

7pm class Beginner/Improver (limited spaces available) Book Early!

8pm class Classical Mat Intermediate/Advanced.

Thursday 17th November - 15th December 2011 St Marys Church Hall, 8 clapham Park road, sw4 7ap

7pm Pregnancy Pilates (small group of 6 max) £75 for 5 weeks.

8pm Pilates Mixed Ability (body control method) £50 for 5 weeks. 10 max per group.

Thursday mum and baby class outdoor fitness and pilates on wandsworth common - meet by wakehurst road and bolingbroke grove. 1045am If you are interested in joining the group let me know and price will depend on numbers attending.
Friday 25th November- 16th December 2011 4 week course.

7am class Mixed Ability Pilates Body control method. St Marys Church Hall, 8 clapham park road, sw4 7ap. £60 - £15/hr small specialist group. 6 max per class.

Saturday 26th November -17th December (min of 4 clients to run) St Marys Church Hall, 8 clapham park road, sw4 7ap.

8am Pilates for Men. £60 for 4 week course - £15/hr small specialist group. 6 max per class

Saturday 26th November - 17th December Broomwood Methodist Church sw11 6bd

Pregnancy Pilates 10am 4 week course. £60 £15/hr small specialist group.
Payment must be made in advance via cash, cheque or transfer to secure your place. Please email to confirm to secure your place or for transfer details. Please note that you can swop sessions if 24 hrs notice is given and there is space available in the other classes. Classes must be made up within the course run otherwise the session is lost. If 24hrs notice is not given then the session is unfortunately lost. Drop in classes are available subject to availability however this does not secure your place on the course, so the courses are recommended.

Thanks everyone and I look forwards to hearing from you.
Best Wishes
Rosa x



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Friday, 4 November 2011

Exercise for mums to do whilst they have a crawling baby to entertain! Tips

As requested by simone.  Exercises for mums whilst you have a crawling baby to entertain is a challenge! 


The options are to do the exercises that are more personal training based and use dumb bells and full body movements to help burn calories and workout effeciently with the short time you have.  Your babies will find it quite entertaining seeing you squat down and make faces at them and you might be exercising to baby music to keep them amused but I am sure it will keep you amused too at what you find yourself exercising to!

So routine. use full body movements such as squats with bicep curls into shoulder press and super set this with an ab exercise, then a upper body exercise and then go into the first exercise.  Do the routine 3 times.   So you are moving non stop and increasing your heart rate, and your workout will be about 20mins.  Do this every day and you will soon see a difference.  It is consistency that counts.  Short sharp routines daily are far better than exercising for an hour twice or once a week!

I am not going to post a workout as workouts will vary depending on your individual needs and also dependent on any injuries or impairments etc.  If anyone wants any personal training or 3 sessions to get their routine underway, just let me know and we will include the pilates for relaxation and inch loss. 

The pilates section can be done whilst your baby is asleep.  Nutrition is 70% responsible for weight loss/fat loss and fitness and exercise 100% results in your tone and definition and how you feel as well as helping you lose weight and increase your fitness. 

If you want weight loss look first at your diet.  I have a really great nutritionalist if you want her details and she also does the analysis of blood etc too.

Must dash. off to teach pilates in Balham now.  just done the 7am pilates in clapham class.  space is available on this class if anyone wants to come along.  The promotions and course dates are set for new pilates classes.  Book before 6th November and you get 10% discount!  PIlates in clapham, Pilates in Balham, Pilates in Battersea/wandsworth.

Rosa xx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pregnancy Pilates new courses in Clapham and Battersea. sign up to reserve your space!

Hi ladies,

New course dates for pregnancy Pilates 6 week course.
Thursday 17th November 2011
St Marys Church Hall, 8 clapham park road, sw4 7ap
£90 for the 6 week course. Payment in advance.  please email to confirm your space and reserve with payment via transfer or cash or cheque. 6-8 ladies per class. Rosa@pilatespluswellness.com

26th November 2011 5 week pregnancy Pilates course. £75 for 5 weeks
10am Saturday class Broomwood Methodist Church hall,
Broomwood road and on corner of kryle road,

Classes will obviously not run over christmas and the new year.

Contact me to reserve your space.