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January courses 2014. 10% discount if you book and pay before 20th December.

HI Everyone, 

I hope you are all really well and looking forward to Christmas and having a break :) I am on maternity leave from all physical work now but will obviously still be running all the classes and if anyone wants any 1:1 sessions or home sessions I have a group of Pilates teachers and personal trainers who are really great and working for me if you need help and motivation from January to get into shape and get rid of any unwanted pounds gained over Christmas. Simply email me to book a session/block of sessions through pilatespluswellness and I can allocate a teacher most suited to your needs.  It would be really helpful if I can sort out all the January bookings asap before baby comes as I have more time at the moment, plus the classes are quite full so early booking is highly recommended to secure your place.  10% discount for all bookings paid early and confirmed before 20th December. I will be back to do the daytime classes from April but I am sure you will love the classes with the other teachers. Susanna is covering many of my classes and maija is doing the Thursday 1035am Cardio Pilates for me.  Chidem is doing the Wednesday evening classes ongoing for me also and Holly Fridays class. 

Pilates is fantastic for inch loss as well as many other things and really compliments a fitness routine whether you need to work on flexibility, mobility, strength or you simply want to look fantastic and tone up your body. As well as reducing any pains especially low back pain. All the Pilates teachers working for me are Body control Pilates teachers and personal trainers who are also trained in ante natal and post natal training as well as other specialist areas. 

JANUARY PILATES COURSES RUN w/c 6TH JANUARY - w/c 10th FEBRUARY 2014 - 6 WEEK COURSES. (half term for daytime classes 17th February - 21st February) No daytime classes over half term. Evenings and Saturday classes run ongoing throughout the year) 

NB If you need to swap sessions this can be done within a course provided 24 hours notice is given and also this is subject to space available in the other classes.  If there is not the space available it will not be possible to swap sessions.  This is due to when we are busy it is not fair on you all if you have a over crowded class due to too many people wanting to swap and change. So flexibility can be offered where possible but within limits! We have no more than 12 clients per class booked on a course. 

To book a course simply email me to confirm your place and secure your place with payment via transfer (details sent on booking) Prices of the courses listed below and also class details: All venue information is on the class timetable on the website. Please make sure you bring a mat to class for all venues except the Fybre studio venue. Unfortunately refunds can not be offered but flexibility amongst classes will hopefully help if you have a busy schedule.  If you want to do drop in sessions please email me on the day or the day before to check for space. Drop in sessions cost £15/hr normal classes and £17/hr for specialist pregnancy or mum and baby classes. Please note we need 7 clients in a class for it to run.

Monday Pilates classes: Balham library Hall
0930am Intermediate/Advanced Pilates with Susanna - £72 usual price - £12/hr. Early payment price £64.80
1030am Beginner/Improver Pilates with Susanna - £72 usual price - £12/hr - Early payment price £64.80
1130am Mum and baby Pilates and toning with Susanna - Usual price £90 - £15/hr. 10% discount early payment - £81

Tuesday Pilates classes: Balham library Hall - £72 for 6 weeks or £64.80 Early payment price - £10.80/hr
6pm class?  would anyone be interested in having a Mixed ability/beginner or pregnancy Pilates class at this time? Let me know if so and if there are more than 6 of you I can get this class running. 
7pm Beginner/improver Pilates with Susanna 
8pm Mixed Ability Pilates with Susanna

Wednesday Pilates classes: 
Daytime classes 25 Northcote road (fybre studio hired) 
0930am Mum and baby Pilates and Toning with Susanna - £90 usual price - £81 Early payment price - £13.50/hr. 
1030am Mixed Ability Pilates with Susanna NEW CLASS   - £72 usual price - £64.80 Early payment price. 

Evening Wednesday classes 60 Hambolt road (just off Abbevile road) 
7pm Pregnancy Pilates with Chidem - £90 usual price - Early payment price - £81 - £13.50/hr. 
8pm Mixed Ability Pilates with Chidem - £72 usual price - Early payment price - £64.80 - £10.80/hr

Thursday Daytime classes 25 Northcote road(fybre studio) 
1035am Cardio Pilates with Maija - £72 usual price - Early payment - £64.80 - £10.80/hr. 

Friday Daytime class 25 Northcote road(fybre studio) 
130pm Classical mat Pilates Intermediate/Advanced class with Holly - £72 usual price - Early payment - £64.80 - £10.80/hr.

Saturday Daytime class - Broomwood Methodist Church hall- Parlour room. (just on corner of Broomwood road and Kyrle road) 
10am Pregnancy Pilates class (teacher to be confirmed) £90 usual price - Early payment price - £81. 

Would any of you be interested in a 9am pregnancy yoga class, 10am post pregnancy yoga and 11am pregnancy Pilates if I can get the hall hire at Broomwood for that long and book the teacher? The yoga teachers style will be 50 % exercise and 50% focusing on breath, relaxation etc to prepare you for birth and getting through birth.  The post pregnancy yoga will be the exercise but also meditation relaxation etc which might be just what you need post baby :) Let me know your thoughts. I would need a lot of interest to run the yoga courses as the teacher has 12 years experience and a great reputation so would need to cover the costs! I would then be teaching the 11am pregnancy Pilates class if we do the yoga classes in advance.  Otherwise we will stick to just the 10am pregnancy Pilates and 9am post pregnancy Pilates if you prefer this option? 

A Pilates course would make a lovely gift for someone for the start to the new year! Also 1:1 session of Pilates and personal training combined. I have both male and female trainers to suit all your needs and covering many specialities. Courses for 1:1 sessions are booked in blocks of 5 or 10. £60/hr if you book a course of 5 - £300. if you book a course of 10 sessions the cost is £55/hr - £550. Payment is made upfront in advance and you can mix the sessions up according to your schedule. Email me to book a course of personal training or Pilates. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support over the last year and help spreading the word about the classes. It is much appreciated. If you introduce a friend to the classes and they book a course you will automatically get 10% discount and they get 10% discount as a introduction too. Have a really great Christmas and New Year! x

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