Monday, 14 October 2013

How to stay motivated with Exercise and your goals. Coaching tips

Many of us start exercise and find ourselves slowly declining and finding reasons not to do it or work gets in the way or life gets too busy for us.  I here from many clients each week that they didn't practise their routine or do their run on their own because of the above.

So if you want to stay really motivated and determined you need to have a really big goal and aim that's bigger than just losing a few inches or doing exercise because you have to but secretly you haven't quite got into it.

  • Write down at least 5 reasons why you are doing the exercise you are doing? 
  •   As well as  achieving a nice toned and defined body, what else are you achieving from exercise?
  • How does it feel to value you and make time for you? 
  • What is the cost to your health and well being by not exercising?
  • How Confident do you feel seeing your body change and getting results?
  • Set yourself a small goal as well as a big goal and also a time frame for this.
  • Schedule in to your diary when you will exercise and stick to it! 
It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Use my utube videos for 10mins a day to do the daily routine so that you have formed the habit of Pilates.  Everyone has ten minutes a day to spare in their schedule!  Below is the link to my utube clips.  Choose the one that is most suited to your needs.  Or alternate the abs routine with stretching routine. You see a result with consistency! I will be making some more u tube clips for you all to help motivate you and keep you on track. The Pilates classes attended, think of what you want to achieve each term and let the teacher know and she can you this as a focus one week for each of you to give you exercises to help achieve this. We can then post on this blog to see how we are all doing. We are often driven more by pain so this may be if I don't do the exercises I get back pain or if I don't do the exercises I will not feel as toned and strong in my body. If you are driven by pleasure more then just think of the "ME"time you are giving yourself, time to De stress, time to stretch out after being hunched over a computer all day maybe?

We often think we need to set at least 30mins or an hour aside to exercise and it can be this that stops us from doing it! Ten minutes a day is achievable.

If the above doesn't help you get motivated and you need a little more, then as well as coming to my Pilates classes, Come to Turkey 2014 May24-31st and join in with our Pilates retreats in the sun. Relaxation, pampering but also 4 hours a day of blitz it Pilates and Exercises. 20% discount if you book and pay by 30th November 2013. JOIN US FOR HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN!

I run 14 classes a week and have different teachers working for me.  So lots of variety for you for Pilates and also pilates combined with fitness classes. Join today. 

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